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We are an independent design studio based in Milan specializing in narrative games with cultural, historical and artistic themes. Actively involved in the international videogame community not only as authors of award-winning interactive experiences but also with teaching, curating and public speaking activities, for 10 years we have been contributing to the evolution of gaming as an element for the valorization of cultural heritage.

Born in 2011 as an informal creative duo with the encounter between Claudia Molinari and Matteo Pozzi, We Are Muesli’s debut in gamemaking was 2013’s CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET., an interactive story on Jheronimus Bosch presented in contexts ranging from E3 in Los Angeles to the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens and the Japan Media Arts Festival. This was followed by other narrative video games such as the docu-game on the Resistance Venti Mesi, nominated for Best Italian Game in 2016, and the interactive ballad The Great Palermo, the first video game ever to enter the ADI Compasso d’Oro Selection in 2018.

Since 2019, We Are Muesli’s activity has expanded to the design of other non-digital game forms such as escape rooms – WER IST WER for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Ventiquattro Elle Ventiquattro Elle for the centenary of Gianni Rodari’s birth – and analog gaming, with the production of the historically themed card game Colpo di Stato and the interactive book Chi è Chi. We Are Muesli also has several collaborations with other independent videogame companies such as Santa Ragione (writing for Wheels of Aurelia, 2016) and Finji (localization for Chicory, 2021), as well as participation with games and talks at major industry festivals such as IndieCade, A MAZE, GDC, SXSW, Game Happens, Milan Games Week.



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Claudia Molinari


Visual designer and 2D digital artist, Creative Director and Producer of We Are Muesli’s works, Claudia’s studies were in Social Anthropology and Performing Arts in Cambridge, Mass Media at the University of Brighton, Art Direction at Central Saint Martins in London, and graphics at Accademia di Comunicazione in Milan. She won several awards in graphics and illustration, and took part to important design meetings and exhibitions (AIAP Millennials: the new scene of Italian graphic design 2015, Giro giro tondo at Triennale Milano, Creative Mornings, Fuckup Night). She has been co-curator of the speakers board of several editions of IndieCade Europe (2018-2020), mentor for various game jams (Malta Global Game Jam 2016, Artè videogame 2020), juror for festivals like Indiecade 2017 and Anifilm 2022; she’s now Member of the Video Game Culture group for the Digital Citizenship Education project of the Council of Europe and Women in Games Ambassador. Claudia teaches Visual Design, Art Theory, Conceptual Design and Creative Writing for various Milanese institutes such as Istituto Marangoni, Sae Institute and Scuola Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti and, in the past, Naba, IULM, Scuola Politecnica di Design and others. Stumbled into the world of video games courtesy of Matteo Pozzi, Claudia is also a pretty bad ukulele player and imagines herself traveling around the world reading tarot cards on a folding chair.

Matteo Pozzi


Creative writer with years of experience in different forms of storytelling, from television scriptwriting for kids (As the Bell Rings, Life Bites, MonsterShop) to copywriting, Matteo Pozzi is the co-founder, game designer and game writer of We Are Muesli. Born in Monza, which gives him a reason to inevitably declare himself a Formula 1 fan, Matteo was trained on the familiy’s Amiga 1200, and even though he repeatedly lost track of videogames due to his passion for Sanguineti’s works and punk rock music, he always got back to them, first as a journalist between the fifth and sixth console generation, then as the curator of a TV column on the topic (inside Random, Rai 2), and finally as co-founder of We Are Muesli. A lecturer in Game Design and Interactive Storytelling at numerous institutes in Milan (SAE, Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti and, in the past, Naba, IULM, Scuola Politecnica di Design and others), he designes and writes all of We Are Muesli games – and developed their Renpy visual novels too-, as well as curating their localization projects. A co-author of disparate books, from Weconomy (Dalai, 2010), an essay on shared economy, to the short novel Ventinovecento (paginauno, 2018), he has a favorite topic of conversation: wrestling as performance art.


Benedetta Pierfederici


After one year of Engineering (because structure matters…), she studies Italian Literature (in Rome), Cultural Heritage Management (in Siena) and Public History (in Milan). She sets out and returns to words («Everything can change but not the language that we carry inside us», Italo Calvino), but always knowing when it’s time to let the “spaces” take the stage! She’s content designer, public historian and italianist for We Are Muesli. When she’s able to forget her fixation for the aesthetics of apostrophe and quotation marks, she reveals her “biancazzurro” striped heart, a passion for Dior dresses and a distinguishable knowledge of pop music.

Linda Amodeo

Linda Amodeo


She gives up the idea of becoming a psychologist to study Design at the University of San Marino, where she realizes that design and human behavior are not such distant fields. After studying Visual Communication, Industrial Product, Interaction and Experience Design, she finds her balance in the We Are Muesli team, where she starts illustrating, animating and taking trains. Oriented toward the free exploration and the constant search for creative stimulation, she firmly believes in multidisciplinary teams. On the weekends? You can find her hunting for inspirations on the streets of the cities where she unsteadily “lives”.

Riccardo Reina

Riccardo Reina


Narrative Designer. After four years working as 2nd Assistant Camera in the advertising industry in Milan, he realized he didn’t want to be just another “gear in the mechanism” of the audiovisual world, but rather a storyteller. So he revived his old passion for video games and, after sending a convincing email to an indie studio, he started working in the industry. Unlike many developers with a pregress education, he learned on the job, gaining valuable experience while working on commercial games. In February 2024, he began collaborating with We Are Muesli. There are some things that he can’t live without such as: pugs’ memes, photography and giallos movies.

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