Ghost ‘n Found


Location-based game


Created as part of a project of the Mauritian Order Foundation supported by the Piedmont Region, Ghost 'n Found is a site-specific cooperative gaming experience (for families, but also enjoyable solo), set in the Staffarda Abbey (Cuneo) and its village.


Monks and bats, cats and marquises, the characters of Ghost ‘n Found tell their story intertwined with that of Borgo di Staffarda, which traces its origins back to the year 1000.

Using a smartphone, each group of visitor-players will be able to set free 8 (+1) ghosts trapped in as many QR codes, thereby restoring the ghosts’ memories of the location.

The characters become instrumental in the narrative of a place made primarily of the stories – real or legendary – that have built up there over time.

By combining the research for the hidden codes with puzzle solving on the phone, Ghost ‘n Found offers an alternative mode of sightseeing that is playful, multimedia, and narrative.


A game by
We Are Muesli
Claudia Molinari
Matteo Pozzi

Game design
Francesco Fontana
Matteo Pozzi

Visual design
Federico Gambarana
Nicolò Marchetti

Game writing
Benedetta Pierfederici

Research and character concept
Oliver Migliore e Valentina Strocco – Dialogart

Game development