Digital gamebook


Madeleines - Una storia persa, ritrovata (A lost and found tale) is a 10-episode digital game-book, a true literary, portable and printable escape game, distributed on MediaLibraryOnLine for Rete delle Reti in 2021, available for download from December 14th, 2022.

A librarian has found issues of Madeleines, the library’s old magazine, and some books with papers, collages and notes inside. The messages tell of a mysterious epistolary relationship between two members of the editorial staff whose identities are unknown.

The young librarian reconstructed their exchange and discovered their identities by turning this 30-year-old correspondence into a real game.

The two wish to get to know each other better, they talk about themselves and exchange puzzles to solve, while slowly revealing their identities. Who will the two main characters be?

To follow the original progress of the exchange, the librarian divided the individual messages into 10 episodes, each unlockable once the previous one has been completed.

The puzzles have to do with the literary classics the two characters talk about: the player is thus invited to “exit” the pdf to search the web and books for solutions.


A game by
We Are Muesli
Claudia Molinari
Matteo Pozzi

In collaboration with

Game writing
Federico Gambarana
Benedetta Pierfederici

Game art
Sara Lavazza
Nicolò Marchetti

Game design
Giulia Levada