Redesire was created as a playful and participatory tool to accompany and facilitate discussion among the stakeholders of a renewal process of an urban area: institutions, investors, construction companies, and citizens.

The application is designed to combine the collective dimension of urban development – translated into a common goal for the group of players (the “quality of the city”) – with the subjective interests of each participant (individual “bonus” missions).

In turn, each player states his/her desire about what he/she would like to be built in the area, accompanied by an “haiku”; the other people discuss and evaluate the idea in terms of beauty, usefulness, and feasibility, and the system changes the shape and color of the keywords map that represents the city accordingly.

The game, usable through 3-6 connected tablets, is based on a model inspired by the urban development theories of Jane Jacobs, author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities.



Visual design
Claudia Molinari

Game design
Pietro Polsinelli
Matteo Pozzi

Game writing
Matteo Pozzi

Game development
Pietro Polsinelli