roller drama


Roller Drama

Italian localization for Roller Drama, a narrative sports game by Open Lab, combining the personal stories of five roller derby players (and one coach) with real-time strategy gameplay, into a unique dystopian comedy.


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Madeleines – Una storia persa, ritrovata (A lost and found tale) is a 10-episode digital game-book with a literary theme, which chronicles a mysterious epistolary relationship between two people through the pages of books in a library.

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Ventiquattro Elle

Ventiquattro Elle is an escape room inspired to the novel C’era due volte il barone Lamberto (Lamberto, Lamberto, Lamberto) by Gianni Rodari, set in the lair of a ramshackle gang grappling with memories of the circus life of the novel’s protagonist.


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Chi è Chi

Chi è Chi is an interactive book based on the WER IST WER escape room, which collects in 10 files of a disturbing “Conformity Test” the stories of a series of characters on both sides of the Wall.