Games Beyond Games



Games Beyond Games, hosted on April 12, 2019 by the Polo del ‘900 in Turin, was a meeting around the themes of creativity and multidisciplinarity that mixed games, art, philosophy, unconventional narration and culture.

What is the cultural impact of gaming and how can game design crossbreed with art, history, and philosophy? Answering to these questions, Zuraida Buter, Stefano Gualeni, Alessandro Gurrieri, Francesca Mackenzie and Matteo Pozzi shared their experiences on reflection and design.

Between shared artistic practices, dystopian cuisine, soups and game jams to “hack” the past, gaming emerged in all its variants as the form of culture that, maybe more than any other, can cross disciplinary barriers and face the main topics of contemporaneity.

Games Beyond Games marked the beginning of a journey supported by the ORA! Contemporary Culture Productions call for proposals by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, a journey that continued with the escape room WER IST WER and the publication of the interactive book Chi è Chi.