Alfabeto Civico


Card game


Designed in conjunction with Turin's Polo del '900 as part of the Civica Call for Proposals, the Alfabeto Civico card game experience involves players (students ages 14 to 19) in devising and evaluating proposals for a sustainable future.

The game is designed for 5 teams (with no limit on the number of participants, ideally in the classroom) and is “coopetitive” in nature: only in the case of a collective victory, a ranking is established based on the score obtained by the teams.

In each round, one among 45 possible debates on the topics of citizenship education – including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda – comes into play, and must be addressed with a proposal. The goal of the game is to build a balanced mosaic of the keywords Environment, Commons, Culture, Democracy, Economy.

Each team also receives one of 12 Mission Cards, containing a secret goal. Players are thus faced with a dilemma: achieve the individual goal while risking compromising the common one, or play to ensure victory for everyone?

The result of a co-design process involving five secondary schools and eight institutions and foundations, the deck of more than 200 cards of various formats is designed to be customized and expanded through a series of “blank” cards.


A game by
We Are Muesli
Claudia Molinari
Matteo Pozzi

In collaboration with

Game writing
Benedetta Pierfederici

Visual design
Federico Gambarana
Nicolò Marchetti

Game design
Giulia Levada