We’ll Meet Again


Cooperative videogame


Designed and developed in 48 hours during the 2015 edition of Global Game Jam, Milan venue, We’ll Meet Again is an experimental cooperative videogame for two players, intended as a "shared lucid dream" where the only connection required to play is that of words.

Two people are lost inside two separate dreams, or is it the same dream? This is the backstory of We’ll Meet Again, the prototype of a “puzzle novel” based on the verbal interaction between the two players.

The game actually consists of two separate files, to be started on two screens: a “Side A” with a series of visual clues and a “Side B” with audio clues, represented by discs with different labels, each playing a different sound.

Only by talking to each other and sharing information about what they respectively saw or heard, the players can progress and solve the 5 collaborative puzzles that make up the prototype.

We’ll Meet Again is intended as a “human” video game experience, based on a simple and radical principle of interdependence: the players are essential to each other in a totally mutual way.

Along with 8 other prototypes including FriendShapes (later known as Snipperclips), progress and Cosmic Top Secret, We’ll Meet Again was presented on stage at GDC Europe 2015 as part of the European Innovative Games Showcase.



A game by
Claudia Molinari
Matteo Pozzi