Venti Mesi


Visual novel


Developed as part of the City of Sesto San Giovanni's initiative Oggi, 25 aprile 1945 on the 70th anniversary of Italy's Liberation, Venti Mesi is a collection of branching stories on the theme of the Resistance.

The stories of Venti Mesi are loosely based on actual events that took place during World War II in the area of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), a city that won a Gold Medal of Military Valor for the struggle for liberation from Nazi-Fascism

Each scene, bringing together historical fact and narrative fiction (hence the “docu-game” designation), is playable through simple multiple-choice mechanics that will determine the fate of 20 different characters, each in his or her own way caught up in the tragic, grotesque chaos of war.

From the sergeant disbanded after September 8th, 1943 to the peasant family harassed by the fascists, from the worker torn by doubt over whether or not to go on strike to the partisan in love, twenty matchsticks light a patchwork of personal stories intertwined with the dramatic facts of history, in an imaginary countdown from September ’43 to April ’45.

Venti Mesi can be played individually but also by large groups of people, who will discuss and choose together the direction that the characters should take each time, in a hybrid experience bringing together narrative videogame, interactive theater and historical-themed debate.



A game by
We Are Muesli
Claudia Molinari
Matteo Pozzi

Visual design
Claudia Molinari

Game writing
Matteo Pozzi

Germano Lanzoni

Original soundtrack
Francesco Fontana

English proofreading
Llaura McGee