Once Upon a Tile


Puzzle life-simulation game


A finalist in the Gaming Challenge convened in 2015 by UNESCO's Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), Once Upon a Tile is the prototype of a "(not so) casual game" designed to promote meaningful values through straightforward game mechanics.

The concept of OUT was designed in response to the competition’s brief – the creation of a videogame for the general public on the topics of peace and sustainable development – through the cross breeding of two game dynamics: the intuitiveness of match-three “Candy Crush-style” and the depth of management “The Sims-style.”

Each level features thematic tilesets, from energy sources to transportation to biodiversity: depending on the amount and type of tiles matched, new resources and effects can be unlocked and placed within the small game environment, thus contributing to its development.

Conceived primarily for smartphone use and extendable over time through the inclusion of new tile sets, characters and levels, a browser version of the prototype is playable here.



A game by
Daniele Giardini
Claudia Molinari
Pietro Polsinelli
Matteo Pozzi